Spc Legal Advice

The purpose of the Fund is to supervise and store safe funds for those who are unable to manage funds in a personal capacity, such as minors and individuals who are unable to manage their own affairs. It also keeps the money of absent (untraceable) persons. The source of funds is usually inheritance. Responsibility for regulating the guardian`s fund rests with the Master of the High Court, who does not have the authority to appoint a guardian or guardian for a minor child. The appointment of a legal guardian may only be ordered by the High Court, with the exception of the natural guardian of a minor. Similarly, only the High Court may withdraw the guardianship of a minor from a natural guardian. The CPS guidance has created the need to examine the legality and appropriateness of what remains a COVID-19 «grey area». Within 3 days of receipt of the procedural documents submitted for consideration, the Public Prosecutor`s Office shall inform the suspect that he has the right to retain the services of a lawyer and inform him that he or his immediate family members may apply for legal aid from the legal aid organization if he fulfils the conditions laid down in article 2 of this provision; and inform victims and their legal representatives or relatives that they have the right to retain the services of a legal representative and inform them that they can apply for legal aid from the legal aid organisation in case of economic difficulties. For the purposes of Law 28 of 2014 on Legal Practice, lawyers (lawyers and solicitors) fall under the regulatory and disciplinary competence of the Council of Legal Practice. If the suspect or accused person fulfils any of the conditions set forth in article 9 of this provision, the Public Security Organ, the People`s Procuratorate and the People`s Court shall inform him that if he does not consult a defence lawyer, they shall inform the legal aid organization to appoint a lawyer to defend him.   Article 6: The notification may be made orally or in writing and the content of the communication must be easily understood by the persons informed.

In the case of oral communications, minutes must be drawn up and signed by the person informed; In the case of written communications, the acknowledgement of receipt of service must be placed on file. If the informed person immediately expresses a wish to apply for legal aid, this must be recorded in the case. In its decision, the FWC stated that «this is a case in which the employer has carried out a logical and legal analysis of risks and hazards in the workplace, developed a response and implemented a policy to combat that risk». [2] This decision emphasizes the importance of considering, both legally and practically, all circumstances that may alter an employer`s position in the application of a vaccination mandate.   Article 7: If a detained suspect or accused person applies for legal aid, public security organs, people`s procuratorates and people`s courts shall transmit the application within 24 hours of receipt of the application or inform the legal aid organization and, within 3 days, the legally appointed representative of the applicant or his immediate family members or other persons designated by them to assist him/her; notify. Provide the legal aid organization with relevant documents, evidence and other documents. If it is not possible to inform the suspect or the legally appointed representative of the accused or close family members, this must also be communicated to the legal aid organization when transmitting the application. Official legal aid letters issued by legal aid organisations must clearly indicate the name of the company`s lawyer, his or her place of work and contact information. Practice. With the aim of a practical approach to each issue, we offer solutions that not only comply with legal requirements, but also add value to the customer`s business. In cases where there should be a communication from the defense and the suspect or accused refuses lawyers hired by the legal aid organization to defend him, public security organs, people`s procuratorates and people`s courts should determine the reasons for the refusal, if there is a legitimate reason, it should be approved and the suspect or accused should be informed at the same time, that he must keep a defender separately.

If the suspect or defendant does not hire a defense lawyer separately, the Public Security Bureau, the People`s Procuratorate and the People`s Court shall notify the legal aid organization to appoint the lawyers separately to conduct the defence. Suspects or accused persons who have not appointed a lawyer may apply for legal aid in accordance with the provisions of the preceding paragraph in any of the following circumstances: The Official Gazette publishes regulations and notices relating to laws, changes of name, registration and deletion of companies, financial statements, notices of land restitution, applications for liquor licences and transport permits. The opinions of the Management Board and the legal opinions are also published in the Official Journal; These include bankruptcies, liquidations and notifications of insolvency.   Article 26: Legal aid bodies shall guide and supervise, in accordance with the law, law firms and lawyers who prepare, direct and supervise legal aid measures and ensure the quality of case management.   Article 13: In cases involving indefinite imprisonment or death, legal aid services shall appoint lawyers with a certain number of years of practical experience in handling criminal cases to conduct the proceedings.   Article 22: In one of the following cases, the legal aid organization shall take a decision on the cessation of legal aid, issue a certificate of cessation of legal aid to the recipient of legal aid and officially inform the public security authorities, the People`s Procuratorate and the People`s Court within 3 days: if a people`s procuratorate requests compulsory medical treatment, The People`s Court sends a copy of the request for coercive treatment to the legal aid organization.