Skills List for Legal Assistant Resume

Pro tip: Even without experience, you can have a killer resume. Fill it with positions you`ve held at the school (assistant, intern, projects, part-time jobs). Pack each one with balls that show off your super helper powers. In the past, paralegal and legal assistant meant the same thing. Both were lawyers who worked as quasi-lawyers. Use of an initial 2-week engagement under a 9-month contract in collaboration with General Counsel to ensure compliance with all legal, regulatory, corporate and financial requirements, including review, update and verification of standard contracts, project files, master service agreements and non-disclosure agreements. This position needs a legal assistant resume that stands out as a bespoke Brioni in a sea of T-shirts. Tailoring your resume to a specific position is easier than you think, even if you`re applying for an entry-level position. Providing the title of the job you`re applying for at the top of your resume is the quickest way to do this and is a great way to bypass candidate management systems (ATS).

Pro tip: Are you writing a resume for the first time? Use the combined resume format. It will make your case with all your best transferable benefits from previous jobs. Versatile professional with 20+ years of experience in complex legal issues, high-volume administrative functions and unique translation roles. Proven ability to manage office functions, provide executive-level support and facilitate smooth legal operations in a wide range of industries. Maintains strong business relationships and communicates effectively with people from different backgrounds. By listing your relevant knowledge and skills in one place, hiring managers can easily scan your resume and find what they`re looking for. You should adjust your skills list for each job you apply for. We analyzed countless CVs of legal assistants.

Our analysis revealed which resume components are absolutely crucial to grabbing hiring managers` attention and, more importantly, the most common mistakes you should avoid on your resume. Writing a professional profile that summarizes your experience and details your skills is a great way to introduce yourself to hiring managers and differentiate yourself from other candidates. When writing your professional profile, be sure to highlight and, if possible, quantify the qualities and skills that are most important for a legal assistant. Smith & Smith Law Firm is seeking a qualified legal assistant to assist lawyers and trainee lawyers by contributing to the preparation of litigation in litigation practice. Support duties include drafting legal documents such as briefs, complaints, contracts, notices of testimony, subpoenas, and applications. Legal assistants also conduct legal research on case law and precedents, process discoveries, organize and manage files, and respond to requests from opposing parties. Candidates should be well organized, detail-oriented, and have excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Of course, you`ll show legal document preparation, audio-visual skills, and planning in your skill list, as well as a few others. Maybe if you want to work for Slippin` Jimmy. But you want a solid position as a legal assistant. Work like Ropes & Gray or Foley Hoag. Legal assistants do not need a specific degree to do their job.

However, experience in the legal world or specific certifications can set you apart from other applications. Paralegal training, transcription training, or a legal associate`s degree are valuable additions to a legal assistant resume. Exercise excellent critical thinking and time management skills to identify needs and prioritize projects. Many legal assistants are hired by busy lawyers who don`t have time to read each resume individually. Recruitment agencies often use tools that filter submitted resumes for them. These tools scan your resume for the skills your company needs, such as «accounting» or «training.» The more resume keywords you include on your resume, the more likely it is that it will be read by a hiring manager. No one will hire an inexperienced legal assistant. Pro tip: If you use LinkedIn as your job search site, you`ll get lists of paralegals or legal administrative assistant resume skills for each job posting.

These are exactly the skills the employer wants. If you`re creating a resume as a paralegal or law student, you should move on to our special guides: Enthusiastic Legal Assistant Looking for a New Opportunity. Very knowledgeable in real estate law. An extremely hard worker who thrives in a rapidly changing environment. Passionate and reliable legal assistant with over a year of experience who wants to serve underrepresented communities. Bilingual and proficient in legal terminology, research and writing. Very familiar with Michigan state codes regarding family law and civil matters. Strong administrative and customer service experience with a proven willingness to go above and beyond to ensure justice is served.

Your big certification could be missing if you hide it on your legal assistant resume. Use the CV Legal Assistant skills below to get started. What is the difference between a paralegal and a paralegal? Good question! Law firms have also begun to call legal assistants as legal secretaries. Manage all administrative tasks of the law firm, including managing a significant number of client files and files, building essential resources for litigation and lawyer introductions, and preparing legal documents.