When Can You Legally Move Out in Germany

Under German law, the family court does not decide on the removal of the child. If one of the parents wishes to move (whether abroad or within the country), the court must decide whether it is in the best interests of the child to move with that parent or to stay with the other parent. As indicated in question 7.1, the court transfers the right to determine the child`s right of residence. Continuity (personal and geographical), parenting skills, tolerance of a good relationship between the child and the other parent, the ability to promote the child`s personal abilities and the child`s will are taken into account. In order to give effect to the contract, a notary must notarize marriage contracts in the presence of both parties in accordance with § 1410 BGB. Post-marriage contracts must be notarized or certified by the court in order to implement the agreement if it is reached during the ongoing divorce proceedings. If the contract is concluded after a final divorce, for example on post-nuptial alimony, notarial or judicial certification is no longer required. You might think that leaving the country is considered a legitimate reason to cancel insurance policies taken out in Germany – well, think again! Expect to comply with the standard contract termination clause, which is usually three months before renewal. Be sure to carefully review your policies and note when each of you needs a cancellation – enter the dates into your digital calendar to make sure you don`t miss any! Robben und Wientjes rents moving vehicles at a good price. You can also use car rental apps like Miles. Moving vans are cheaper than moving companies, but you have to move the furniture yourself. 7.1 Can the custodial parent move to another state or country without the consent of the other parent? Finally there is good news! For the most part, this cancellation is quite easy – you just need to inform them three months in advance! Write to your Internet service provider, landline provider (if applicable) and cable TV provider (if applicable) to let them know that you are leaving the country.

They may charge you a one-time cancellation fee. If this is the case, be aware that this cannot legally exceed the cost of a new connection. Monthly contracts: This is where things get a little complicated. German mobile phone contracts typically have a term of 24 months and often come with 12-month auto-renewal clauses. In this case, your provider may legally require you to pay before the last month. If you can`t move everything yourself, you can hire a moving company. Zapf is often recommended1, 2, 3. It`s more expensive, but all your belongings are insured. 6.8 Are unmarried parents treated in the same way as married parents if the court makes separation or divorce orders? As soon as you leave Germany, you are no longer a company of the tax administration. Plan to send the tax office a copy of your cancellation confirmation along with the following letter: If you don`t have much to move, you can hire the help of a «man with a van.» You can find them on eBay classifieds. They are often cheaper than a moving company.

If one of the parents has sole custody of the child, that parent also has the right to determine the child`s right to determine the child`s right to reside. This means that this parent can move anywhere in the world and move the child without the consent of the other parent. If the parents have joint custody, the consent of both parents is required. If the parents cannot agree, a court order is required. Usually in rental apartments you are allowed to change most things: from the color of the walls to the shelves on the wall. However, you need to restore everything to its original condition and paint the walls white when you move. Thus, the owner will clean the apartment with white walls when moving – unless otherwise agreed – and have it cleaned thoroughly. In most leases, this is indicated in advance. Therefore, we recommend that you take a moment before your departure to speak to someone from the Deutsche Rentenversicherung to find out how you can claim a refund of your contributions (if you move outside the EU) or access your pension payments when you retire. Be sure to back up all the information they provide for future reference. By mail: Send the documents no earlier than 7 days before the effective date of the move. Some registrars also accept unsubscribe requests via email.

To make sure they do, please check the information on their website. To carry out this process by mail or e-mail, you will need a copy of your passport (and the passports of all family members who also leave the country), a completed unsubscribe form, a letter indicating the German address at which you wish to receive your confirmation of unsubscription (we recommend using the address of a friend, because your German address will soon no longer be active).