Yamaha Blaster 200 Road Legal

L x W x H: 68.3″ x 40.7″ x 40.9″ (173.5 cm x 103.4 cm x 103.9 cm) For the 2003 model year, the blaster was updated with a redesigned nose, the headlight package was moved from handlebars to nose, and the weight was removed for more power. Problematic mechanical drum brakes at the front and rear have been replaced with hydraulic disc brakes to increase braking force, reduce weight and mechanical complexity, and simplify maintenance. Due to U.S. government emissions requirements, the blaster was discontinued for 2007 and replaced by the entry-level Yamaha Raptor 250cc, which uses a less powerful and cleaner four-stroke engine. The blaster is closer in performance to the Yamaha Raptor 350cc or Honda TRX300EX. The heavy-wing, air-cooled blaster engine has the roots of a water-cooled machine (Yamaha DT200), as evidenced by the clogged water pump casting on the right side of the engine. The Yamaha DT200 engine shares the same crankcase and side covers. The history of the engine in its water-cooled form goes directly back to the DT200 and RD/RZ125LC (has identical crankcases but uses a different crank) and the Australian WR200 market. It is possible to use parts from all these motorcycles and build a water-cooled Yamaha blaster engine, or you can simply replace the engines as the engine mounts are almost identical. The Yamaha Blaster is a compact off-road vehicle manufactured as an entry-level machine in Japan and sold in the United States from 1988 to 2006. Due to the initial low price of the blaster, it has been sold in large numbers for many years, from its founding in 1988 to today.

Enthusiasts still buy and build blasters that rival the modern four-time era. Its two-stroke engine is easily modifiable and there is now a large secondary market for the quad. A range of add-ons are readily available, ranging from simple modifications to screws and suspension parts to complete spare frames and large bore kits to give the engine more power. In 2002, Yamaha engineers redesigned the taillight housing into a multifunctional taillight and brake light.